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What Every Brand Should Avoid

October 18, 2016
This situation is somehow still surprising how brands pretend they understand social media and they prove every day; they don’t. No one should be surprised that so many brands are meaningless for people. Recently I published a post about Havas Media study from which

Brand, We Will Not Miss You!

October 10, 2016
Havas Media released a study with the result that should shock every brand owner. After this report everyone who has anything to do with advertising or brand management should rethink their approach. Let me share with you the most important conclusion from Havas Media

Poles’ online spending

October 5, 2016
Poles have come to love online shopping. Compared to a year ago, we are spending more on clothing and accessories, but less on mobile devices. Men spend more on electronics, women on culture. Check out the details in the Polish e-commerce report. The ‘E-commerce

Size Does Matter

October 3, 2016
Ok, actually it’s not about the size but more about the length and in a much different way than you probably would think. Let me share with you a thought; everything that is becoming popular is smaller. I know the porn industry wouldn’t agree with me but this matter isn’t concerning them. Rather,

Windows 10 at One Year Old

September 12, 2016
The Windows 10 operating system for web browsers is most used by Czechs and least by inhabitants of Belarus. Find out how the popularity of the new system has changed over the last year in 18 European countries. The end of July 2016 saw

Predicting The Future

September 5, 2016
Few weeks ago I was invited by a popular portal to share my opinion about “The three most extraordinary things that can / should happen in the Internet industry in the next 3 years”. Becuase there was not enough space to  extend my thoughts, I decided

Who Will Buy Allegro

September 1, 2016
Information published by Reuters regarding the sale of Allegro was not a big surprise. Exactly one year ago the same message appeared. Rumors about Naspers wanting to sell Allegro emerged before, usually in unofficial talks and of course, of no surprise. Who could potentially
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