About Me

I’m in a great long relationship with The Internet, and it is a life-long relationship.

I’m passionate about new technologies and the benefits we have thanks to them. I appreciate how much technology has changed our lives and how much easier our lives are now if we compare it to the 80s and 90s.

It’s great to me that I can combine work with passion. Especially when I can do it on 15 markets or even more if I’m able to find new ones.

I love to travel and look for opportunities to work with different people and learn about their culture and habits. It’s hard to overstate how much I can benefit from working in a multinational team and cooperating with local clients. The opportunity to taste local dishes is a significant advantage of my job 🙂

I love to learn new things and test new knowledge in real life because it’s the only way to develop myself. I’m not afraid of mistakes; they are part of learning. I’m a real bookworm; I read whenever I can – during free time, traveling, and before going to sleep.

It may be significant that my favorite computer games are Football Manager (most often I manage Legia Warsaw, my favorite team since 1986), Microsoft Flight Simulator Prepar3d MS Flight Simulator 2020 (I am Virtual Lufthansa captain with over 1200 hours of flying on virtual skies) and Settlers. It looks like I like to plan and develop my strategies not only in real life. OK, I can confess that from time to time I also like to play in Battlefield, Call of Duty, and especially Medal of Honor (you know history is also my hobby).

I’m an experienced manager with broad Internet and project management knowledge – by the way, I’m sharing this knowledge with people for example through media which asks me to comment on different events or during presentations at conferences.

I’ve been in the online industry for over 24 years, and I use my knowledge and expertise for the benefit of clients if you need my help don’t hesitate to contact me