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November 7, 2017
Linkedin becomes more and more important place for everybody who cares about personal branding and career development – everywhere. I experienced it few times in last weeks by receiving invitations to speak at conferences or to consult some projects. I am very happy that

What Every Brand Should Avoid

October 18, 2016
This situation is somehow still surprising how brands pretend they understand social media and they prove every day; they don’t. No one should be surprised that so many brands are meaningless for people. Recently I published a post about Havas Media study from which

Size Does Matter

October 3, 2016
Ok, actually it’s not about the size but more about the length and in a much different way than you probably would think. Let me share with you a thought; everything that is becoming popular is smaller. I know the porn industry wouldn’t agree with me but this matter isn’t concerning them. Rather,

From Reactions To Better Targeting?

February 29, 2016
Facebook introduced new icons that show different emotions instead of only “Like it”. That’s for sure nice for users. There were also a lot of confusion when someone posted something about someone’s else death, and some people clicked “Like it” while other commented that
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