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My name is Marek Molicki and I'm in a great, long-term relationship with the Internet. Since 2006, I have been exploring the secrets of online business in Central and Eastern Europe. Finally, it's time to share my knowledge and experience. I believe that sharing knowledge helps those who learn and those who share. That's why I'm doing it with pleasure.

I had been working with Marek for a year in our online channels dept. There is a lot of things you can say about him, but facts are that he is a bleeding-edge expert in it, web, e-commerce, and online
_Grzegorz,Senior UI Application Expert
When I was working with Marek Molicki, he was a part of cdp.pl sp. z o.o. team. I would like heartily recommend Marek Molicki. Marek is always perfectly and timely prepared, able to clearly a present project and business objectives.
_Agnieszka,Attorney at Law
Marek is an excellent and reliable partner at work. He handles the stressful situations, the high responsibility and the challenges in the most professional and calm way. He’s a true pleasure to work with. (Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)
_Dorota,International Programming Director
I’ve worked with Marek when we were both in the team that was preparing to launch a very unique and interesting project in the European online mediascape: download.chip.eu, Europe’s first multi-lingual download community, dedicated to users from 10 different countries
_Lucian ,VP International Business Development
Cooperation with Marek was definitely too short, mostly because I was learning a lot from him. He is a great boss while managing team and projects (from scope to deadlines) he wasn’t forgetting about people. He has what a lot
_Tomasz,e-Commerce Manager
Marek is a very experienced professional with deep knowledge of social media. He is devoted to his duties having also a very good understanding of both users and clients needs. He was very good evaluated by our clients and salesforce
_Marcin,Managing Partner
When Marek joined our team, after a very short time we could actually see how the communication with our users improved! He was first to implement modern, social media-based marketing methods. He has changed the way people perceived Profeo. He
_Maria,Software Engineer
Very good project manager with great knowledge about mechanisms at the Internet. Responsive, creative, always on time with projects, tasks. He knows how to manage the team. He knows how to use resources in his projects. Very responsible. Highly recommended.  (Visited
_Przemek,Software Engineer
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