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I’m in online industry since 1998 and I was working on different positions in different companies, so I have broad knowledge about the industry. However I focus on few topics like online business management, online marketing, e-commerce, big data, social media and social selling.

Previous Years Conferences

Last year I was presenting in Kiev, Sophia, Belgrade and Zagreb. I started 2015 with the conference „V4 sharing e-government experience with Bulgaria” (Sophia, Bulgaria) organized by Visegrad Group where I presented „How to transfer good practices from e-business to e-Government „. I shared the stage with Ambassador of Slovak Republic, Deputy of Prime MInister of Bulgaria, Minister of Interior of Czech Republic, Minister of Interior of Hungary and Minister of Finance of Czech Republic among the others.

In last most I was in:

Elektroninės komercijos konferencija „E-komercija ’17” , Vilnius, Lithuania where I presented „ShopMonitor“ – the new dimension of e-commerce Web Analytics.”​

Lietuvos Eksportuotojų Forumas, Vilnius, where I presented „e-Commerce in Lithuania and Poland. Similarities & Differences”

E-Virusas Marketing Conference, Vilnius where I presented „”Consumers‘ Involvement and Brand Communication. Is this really important?””

Kiev where I presented „How to benefit from Programmatic & Automation to increase sales and loyalty”.

Beograd and Zagreb when I showed „Full scope approach to most effective e-commerce strategies”.

Sophia where I was talking about how to „Improving Sales through Marketing Automation, Attribution Modelling and improved User Experience”.

Kiev where I presented „Improving sales and decreasing costs through Marketing Automation and Improved User Experience”.

In previous years I was presenting in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary.


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