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People Are Tired Of technology

May 21, 2018
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83% of responders in Poland said they feel good in the places without an access to the internet, according to GfK Polonia and Clue PR study. 50% said also that technology intervenes too much in our lives. 32% of responders also said that they have too many applications on their smartphones and 33% switch off the connection with internet to be out of the net.

57% said also that Internet and new technologies negatively influence the quality of interpersonal connections. What is also interesting 75% of responders are not replacing their devices with brand new one immediately when they recognize their current devices as oldfashioned.

36% is happy with the devices they have as they are properly configured according to their needs and more homely. For this reason, 42% of responders decide to fix their devices instead of changing them. 23% making their devices more personal by some stickers or by not fixing… broken screen as they are not only blinking gadgets then. In average, the responders have 6 electronic devices and they declare that they could only have half.

The study was carried out in April using CAWI on the national probe of 600 Poles aged 21-50.

Marek Molicki

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