The Resurrection of Legends: How AI is Transforming Music and What It Means for E-commerce

October 31, 2023
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In 1999, I pivoted from a career in the music industry to the digital realm. I was fortunate to work with iconic artists like Metallica, Tina Turner, and Sting, even enjoying backstage access to their concerts. However, I also missed out on seeing legendary bands like The Doors and Joy Division. I often wondered what Metallica would sound like if Cliff Burton was still alive. These questions seemed unanswerable – until now.

The Beatles’ Unfinished Symphony

Recently, The Beatles announced the release of their final single, “Now and Then,” despite two of the Fab Four, John Lennon and George Harrison, passed away many years ago. This isn’t a remastered old track; it’s a song completed with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI technology extracted John Lennon’s vocals from a low-quality 1979 recording and combined them with George Harrison’s guitar tracks from 1995. Add in recent contributions from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and you have a brand-new Beatles single, set to release on November 2nd.

The Future of Music Through AI

Picture this: a brand-new album from The Doors or a Joy Division record where Ian Curtis croons, “Death Will Not Tear Us Apart.” Thanks to advancements in AI, this isn’t just wishful thinking- it’s becoming a technological reality. Intrigued? You’re not alone. While purists may argue that some legends should remain untouched, AI is opening doors to previously unimaginable musical experiences.

To put it in a playful context, I bet Tom Parker wouldn’t have hesitated to “force” the voice of Elvis Presley back to the microphone for a few more tunes if technology had allowed it. šŸ™‚

The AI Revolution in E-commerce and Advertising

If AI can resurrect musical legends, what can it do for e-commerce and personalized advertising? I predict that in the coming years, the phrase “I don’t watch ads and don’t buy anything because of them” will become obsolete. AI will make advertising so tailored that it will be nearly impossible to resist.

Final Thoughts

As we celebrate Halloween, let’s ponder the “scary” yet exciting possibilities that AI brings to our lives. From resurrecting musical legends to revolutionizing e-commerce, the future is here, and it’s powered by AI.


Image by DALL-E

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