The Biggest Marketing Secret Revealed

December 28, 2015
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You are just one click from the best marketing lesson and great marketing advice you will ever get. It was proven so many times that I can promise you that it works. Well, I can even bet that it works. It worked for me many times; it worked for many of my friends. It will work for you if you use it. And I give this advice for free.

You are asking why I am giving this advice for free instead of making, at least, an ebook and sell it? Well, I could do this. But I will give this advice for free as I’m sure that 99% of people who will read it – never use this.

In fact, this is funny that all the knowledge needed to be successful is given for free. And even if they can get it for free they still looking for some Golden Graal. For example – many people behave like fishes. They are swimming in the big ocean, passing the things that can change their lives and once they since the bait. It might be a title of the article “How to get rich in a week”. The only ting they need to do is to leave their email and read. So simple.

The other ones see a book on Amazon “How to build the profitable blog and quit your job”. And they pay some bucks for this. So simple.

They pay with emails, time and money for the free knowledge and what is the worst – they never use this knowledge but instead they keep looking for better, the faster more convenient method of getting rich, getting smarter, younger, etc.

If you treat it like your hobby, fine. Bizzare hobby is nothing prohibited. It might be still bizarre, but it’s legal. You can waste your time for this. From the other side, some of you may say that fishing or post stamps collecting is also the waste of time. As long as you not hurting others it’s fine.

But you clicked here not because your hobby is collecting good advice, right? You just wanted to learn best marketing method. OK, you can trust me, I’m for almost 20 years in online business, so I know what I’m talking about. Ok, take this advice and do your job. Here it is.

The best marketing secret is not a secret in fact. But as I wrote before it’s the proven method. It works. Ok, I know you are dying with curiosity now, so I’m not going to keep you in uncertainty anymore.

The only what you need to do is to USE YOU BRAIN!

Are you disappointed now? Did you expect something else? Did you expect step by step guide? Well, I could do this but don’t you have tons of such a step by step guides on the internet? I’m sure you have. And what did you do with this?

The truth is that if you are still looking for the answer “how to promote my business” or “how to get many followers” you should think about changing a job or approach. I mean there’s nothing wrong in learning. It’s exactly opposite. You should learn all the time. But asking the same question, collecting the same how-to guides from another guru – well, it’s useless. And it’s not learning, it proves only that you are lazy, and you are looking for the formula that let do not many and get so much. It does not work that way.

Learning is good. Looking for the step by step guide for promoting your business is bad. Becuase it won’t work. What is the reason that you are looking for the answer in someone’s guide? Do you think that some other person that you have never seen in person knows your business better than you? If your answer is “yes” – there’s something wrong with your business or you.

You can find some common technics, you can learn some tricks but in the long term, it won’t help you. If you can’t identify why your potential customers should use your product, you shouldn’t expect that you find the answer in someone’s guide. You have to use your brain; that’s the only way.

Instead of looking for another Golden Graal just do this exercise:

  1. Describe your project in one short sentence
  2. Describe advantage of your project in one short sentence
  3. Write all reasons why users should use your product
  4. Write all reasons why they shouldn’t use your product and then remove these reasons
  5. Write all details you know about your customers – are you happy with that or is not enough?
  6. Answer the questions where your customers are
  7. Describe what you want to tell your customer – remember there is no second chance to make a first impression
  8. Describe what tools and tactics you can use to convince your clients to use your project without spending money – read some case studies like AirBnB, Instagram, Uber, etc.
  9. Use your brain – go out of the box, do something brave and forget about “good advice of others” and don; ‘t think even while of “what others says” – it’s not your problem.

Do this and you will create the best marketing strategy that was ever prepared. Why? Because no one knows your project as great as you.

Marek Molicki

Marek Molicki, since 1998 in the online industry. Extremely motivated to reach goals. Ideas deliverer, problems solver, finder of new ways, the doer. Social media fan, public speaker, trainer. Constantly looking for new skills to learn. Impossible is nothing, it's only the question of time and being consequent.
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