Short Lesson Of Leadership

Short Lesson Of Leadership

If you want to see if you can be a leader, someone who can inspire others, involve the people that you need, watch this movie that lasts three minutes.

It’s quite possible that your first reaction was astonishment. Or even embarrassment. I mean, what is this half-naked boy awkwardly bends? Relax; you can admit that this thought, no one sees.

Probably your negative attitude to dancing boy subsided somewhat when you saw the first follower (he also looks weird). Other negative emotions disappeared when another „dancer” appeared. At some point, there were so many dancers that the ones who wasn’t joined looked weird.

To be the first one who follows you need to be brave. Not less brave that the leader.

Now, just remind yourself how many times you resigned from ideas because you were afraid of embarrassment, ridicule, rejection.

Think of how many times you bit your tongue because you thought that what you want to say may sound too controversial.

Komfort krycia się w tłumie kontra poddanie się krytyce.

The comfort of hiding in the crowd versus dealing with potential criticism.

So, you are like the dancing boy, first follower, or maybe you sit until the end and just watching?

Remember, who do not take risks, do not drink champagne.

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