Reborn, Relanuched

Reborn, Relanuched

Today is my 40th birthday. And the day I’m relaunching my blog that I started ten years ago. I never felt so confident in what I’m doing like today. Not only because 40th birthday.

I started the blog in my native language (Polish) which limited audience to Poles only. It’s nothing wrong of course in writing in the native language; it’s the even opposite. And it’s not a language that stopped me from writing consistently. I was writing about many topics (including the online business of course) not covering any of them deeply. There were many reasons, but it’s not important now. At the beginning of 2015, I realized that I don’t want to run the blog that way I was doing during last years. From the other side, I didn’t have an idea what to do with this. It took some months to do proper actions. First I closed blog and moved all articles into archives. Then I get rid of archives too. And I decided to wait as long as I felt it’s the time.

It took next few months. I was doing nothing with the blog, and I knew that this time I must be more than 100% sure in what I’m doing. And finally, I realized what I want to write about. It came to me piece by piece, and when I had the full picture, I knew that it’s going to be fun.

When I was working on the blog, I just realized that I’m using the knowledge taken from Hedgehog Concept and Lean Startup Method. That finally I started to implement the rules that I perfectly know, and I’m using in my business life. Many years ago I read about MVP – Minimum Viable Product idea and I understand that this is a way. Then I realized how much I complicated my professional life in the past.

I was working on projects, and I was always against to launch it until is 100% done. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get 100% in short time and almost impossible at all. When you work on the project, you will find many new features, concepts that you want to implement. When you were considering these new ideas, you realize that only with them your project will be as great as you want. And you were postponing the launch date. It’s a nonsense.

This time, I decided to go with what I had. I translated some articles I liked from my previous blog; I wrote few new and I launched. I would do even earlier, but I was waiting for the proper date. I just decided that 40th birthday it’s the right moment. Why? I just believe that I’m entering the best time in my life.

There are no signs of middle age crisis; there’re no sad thoughts about time passing by, etc. Not at all. I’m very self-confident, I know my strength and weaknesses, I understand the opportunities and threats. Yes, I have my life SWOT analysis. I see what I want to learn and what I don’t. I know where I want myself to be in a year, 5, 10, 15 years and so on. I know my targets and my focused on today g\having in mind what I want from tomorrow. I have an experience, and I’m satisfied with it – even I had terrible times in the past. Or I should say just because I had it. Sure, everyone prefers to have an only great times and no troubles. But first of all, it’s not possible. Second, all these tough times, difficulties, mistakes let you learn, develop yourself and gain an experience. It’s true it makes you stronger. And wiser.

The blog you’re already reading is one of the gifts I gave myself for my birthday. As I believe that everyone should give himself gifts as always as it was possible. Even every day. I’m jubilant with that gift. I’m triumphal that finally I’m starting something I always wanted to have. Now I have it and me belive, I couldn’t have it earlier. Now it is a time.

Please be my guest, I will surprise you here many times.


PS. There are only a few articles already, but a bunch of them waiting for being publish. During last year, I had a lot of business trips so soon you will have a chance to read about hotels and restaurants in different European cities. Last year I read 66 books and three already in 2016, so you can expect a lot of reviews too. Few of them is ready for being publish. I’m meeting many people during my trips so you can also expect a lot of interview with startup owners, serial entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen and mentors. I’m in online business for over 18 years so you can also expect my opinions and advice regarding management, online marketing, e-commerce and social media. And even more. Last but not least – I’m 40 years old so I have my opinion on few things 😉 You will find it in Editorials. But for now, treat this blog as Minimum Viable Product.

PS2. I believe that if I write it and make it public, it has more chance to be done. So, I am also planning podcast, videos , nd ebook. Many plans, but I wrote it already – I just believe that I’m entering the best time in my life. Keep your fingers crossed, ok?

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