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October 19, 2017
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Internet trade has been growing with Poles ever more eager to buy products online and online trade becoming increasingly user friendly and optimised for mobile devices, offering flexible refunds and convenient delivery options claims the ‘E-Commerce in Poland 2017’ published by Gemius and the Chamber of Digital Economy.

What is it that Poles like about e-commerce? Firstly, it is the fact that you can shop at any time of day according to 82 pct of survey respondents. Customers are also attracted by the simplicity and convenience (41 and 44 pct respectively).
According to 33 pct of those surveyed price was also an important factor as was saving time(39 pct). The proportion of those who consider online shopping to be risky has dropped from 43 pct in 2016 to 38 pct in 2017.

“The number of online shoppers has been growing as has the value of the entire market. This is true not only of Poland but also other countries of the region,” says Marek Molicki, the regional manager at Gemius.

“Nowadays the value of e-commerce market in Poland is estimated at PLN 36-40 bln according to various sources and nobody has any doubts that it is going to grow. There are a large number of factors behind this rise, but it is enough just to list a few.
Firstly, every year there are more customers who consider online shopping to be completely natural – they are the younger generation. There are also more and more customers who have become convinced that online shopping is safe over the years.
Secondly, the shopping is becoming more and more convenient and accessible – a lot of vendors have understood that there is no future for them without embracing mobile devices, offering quick delivery and a friendly refund policy.

Vendors are becoming more and more skilled at using data and sales support tools. Online trade is not only providing services to individual consumers but has also been growing in importance in b2b trade,” he claims.

The survey was created as an electronic questionnaire using computer-assisted web interviews from a sample of 1,500 internet users with a minimum age of 15. The data was collected between April 7th-14th 2017.

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