How Not to Make a Deal on Linkedin

How Not to Make a Deal on Linkedin

After so many messages I received on Linkedin I decided to write the short tutorial how effectively NOT to make a deal on Linkedin.

So, you are the salesperson, and you are looking for clients. Linkedin seems suitable for this as everybody is here for business purposes. So you search. In most cases, you use default search engine of Linkedin. In other instances, you use Sales Navigator which gives you more sophisticated options to look for leads.

After spending some time you targeted people you want to become your client. Moreover, you do two things:

1. You send the invitation, and you wait for approval

2. Immediately after the person, you invited agreed to accept your request you send a message with the offer.

3. You are NOT making a deal.

Seems familiar? If yes and if you do it that way you just stick to the wrong school of selling. You believed it’s normal when you do a cold calling or cold emailing that 95% of people you contacted sends you to hell and five remaining percent politely suggest you that next time.

I am astonished that people do this in 2018 having so many great tools and opportunities to reach anyone anywhere in the proper way. When you have so many opportunities to show yourself as a credible person, expert someone trustful worth the money to spend, you just directly send an offer. An offer which is entirely the same as 100 offers before and 100 which will be addressed.

The fact that you will ad „we are experts” to your offer doesn’t make you an expert. It proves nothing. It shows only that you don’t care about your potential client time and make him read something that you didn’t even personalize because you were so much on the hurry to send as many offers as possible because you remember that only small percentage will reply.

It’s not the way to sell anything, and it’s the worst way to sell services on highly competitive markets with very low entry threshold. It’s also not a method to give positive PR to your company. For me, it’s hard to believe that experts build your company if you don’t know how to use tools like Linkedin to sell online services to people who are in the online industry for many years.