Marek Molicki

Marek Molicki, since 1998 in the online industry. Extremely motivated to reach goals. Ideas deliverer, problems solver, finder of new ways, the doer. Social media fan, public speaker, trainer. Constantly looking for new skills to learn. Impossible is nothing, it's only the question of time and being consequent. Read more

What We Learned Thanks To Tay

March 25, 2016
Microsoft’s bot Tay has already been shut down due to concerns about the inability to recognize when it’s making offensive and racist comments. This is what the bot had a chance to learn from people (real people who at least should understand what they

From Reactions To Better Targeting?

February 29, 2016
Facebook introduced new icons that show different emotions instead of only “Like it”. That’s for sure nice for users. There were also a lot of confusion when someone posted something about someone’s else death, and some people clicked “Like it” while other commented that

Get ready for m-commerce

February 25, 2016
For many owners of mobile e-shops, it’s a constant challenge. Next, for retail networks, there is a prospect of fundamentally changing the business model; in the future, hypermarkets may transform into logistics centres and retail warehouses. Mobile is strength. A good example for that

Are You Mobile Enough?

December 28, 2015
The World is becoming mobile more, and more so if you want to stay in the game, you should realize that you must follow the trend. The sooner, the better. There’s no need to dig into many statistics or researches to find out that
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