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Are You Mobile Enough?

December 28, 2015
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The World is becoming mobile more, and more so if you want to stay in the game, you should realize that you must follow the trend. The sooner, the better.

There’s no need to dig into many statistics or researches to find out that mobile traffic is growing year to year. It’s enough to open eyes and observe how people behave in public transport, shopping centers, etc. Even without looking into sales reports regarding mobile devices you can quickly find out that mobile traffic is more and more important.

But I understand that some of you might be not convinced only with the people observation (which is the wrong approach by the way) and need some reliable data. Ok, no problem. Please look at the slide from my friend presentation. It’s about PC and Non-PC traffic in Denmark.

Over year ago non-PC traffic was the same as PC traffic, which means 50% of users visited websites using mobile devices.


Slide from Radek Gołab presentation "New models of advertising", Digital Beyond Borders, 2015
Slide from Radek Gołab presentation “New models of advertising”, Digital Beyond Borders, 2015

OK, what about different countries?

Look at Luxemburg:

Luxembourg PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Luxembourg PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:


Belgium - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Belgium – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:


Croatia - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Croatia – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:


Lithuania - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Lithuania – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:

MENA Region

MENA - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
MENA – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:


Serbia - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Serbia – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:


Turkey - PC vs NON-PC traffic. Source:
Turkey – PC vs. NON-PC traffic. Source:

This is a trend. This is solid numbers. This is something that is hard to argue. And you know what? I talked to e-commerce owners who think that they still have a time for focusing on mobile versions of their business as well as marketing and business development strategy. I believe that they already lost to the ones who understand that it’s better to change when you can than when you have to. When you have to change it means that it’s already too late.

The mobile approach it’s not only creation of Responsive or Adaptive Web Design. Or I should say – if you are preparing RWD or AWD without a clue what and how you want to communicate, you’re losing your time.

When I was participating in three different e-commerce projects I spent many hours in planning the design. I remember hours spent on planning how every page should look, what features it should have and why. We were deliberating which features we can dispense and how it affect on user behaviour. Last but not least we were preparing different content for PC and NON-PC websites. Because these details make a difference. Becuase content consumption and buying are different on PC and NON-PC devices. And these details may decide if the user buys or not. Believe me or not – I tested it, and I know it matters.

It’s the same with marketing strategy. There’s no single approach that works for all.

If the above data are still not convincing, let’s see what happened during last Cyber Monday only in the United States. 49% of traffic during Cyber Monday came from mobile devices. In other numbers, it means that 799 million from total over 3 billions of turnover came from mobile.

What does it mean for all these not prepared for mobile traffic? It’s simple; they just resigned from their income. They just decided to earn other business owners. Of course, you can do it. But is it still a business or a charity?



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