Navigating New Retail Realities: Unpacking UK’s Black Friday 2023

November 25, 2023
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As sift through the initial Black Friday data for 2023, presented by Sensormatic Solutions, several intriguing patterns emerge, painting a complex picture of consumer behavior in the UK. Here are seven key takeaways:

1. Shifting Shopper Traffic: This year’s Black Friday saw a -3.1% dip in shopper visits compared to 2022. This trend, sourced from Sensormatic Solutions’ comprehensive retail analysis, hints at evolving consumer preferences influenced by a mix of economic and social factors.

2. The Early Bird Trend: A noticeable shift in shopping patterns emerged, with consumers capitalizing on early discount events and extended sales. This strategic approach to shopping, likely a response to tightening budgets, marks a significant shift in consumer spending habits.

3. Preference for Retail Parks: In a surprising twist, Retail Parks have bucked the trend of declining footfall, registering a +1.9% increase over last year, as per Sensormatic’s findings. This could be attributed to the convenience and variety they offer, making them a one-stop destination for shoppers.

4. Anticipated Spending Drop: PwC’s forecast paints a sobering picture, predicting Black Friday spending to plummet from £7.1 billion in 2022 to £5.6 billion in 2023. This anticipated decline echoes the broader cost-of-living challenges facing UK consumers.

5. Early Christmas Shopping: Sensormatic’s research indicates a significant shift towards early Christmas shopping, with 70% of UK shoppers having started their festive purchases before Black Friday. This trend is especially pronounced among Millennials, underlining a generational shift in shopping habits.

6. Impact of New Retail Events: The introduction of events like Amazon Prime’s Big Deals Day and extended promotions by major retailers have reshaped the retail calendar, pulling festive spending earlier in the year and influencing consumer behavior significantly.

7. Looking Ahead to the Holiday Season: Despite the dip in Black Friday in-store shopping, the following Saturday (25 November 2023) is anticipated to be the year’s third busiest shopping day. ‘Super Saturday’ (23 December) is expected to take the top spot, highlighting the enduring appeal of last-minute shopping.

As we reflect on these trends, the evolving landscape of holiday shopping raises critical questions for the retail sector. Are businesses adapting fast enough to these shifts? What innovative strategies might emerge as the retail industry navigates this new era?

Marek Molicki

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