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June 9, 2011
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I think everybody who manages a fanpage on Facebook heard aboutSocialbakers. But I am not sure how many people knows that company that is the owner of Socialbakers is based in beautiful Prague. I talked with Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers about service and few other things.

– is run by Candytech. What you do at Candytech and who are the top managers?

– I am the CEO of Candytech/Socialbakers. Originally Candytech is a social media agency, and Socialbakers was the product. We will now be renaming the entire company to Socialbakers, and Candytech will stay the division. We are in total 4 co-founders of the company.

– How did you come up with the idea for

– The idea came when we did not want to reload statistics all day long manually, so we said as social media gurus, we have to make it easier for us.

– How did you come up with the idea for Socialbakers Consuls and Ambassadors? Can you describe the idea for people who know nothing about it?

– Don’t know where the idea came from originally, but a lot of our clients are asking us to build loyalty programs for them to be able to identify their top fans and key influencers. We just wanted to do the same thing for our brand – Socialbakers.

– How successful is in your opinion? Did you reach already your business goals?

– We think the user success is great. To be self-critical, I think we can still get many times bigger, but we are satisfied and hope to grow faster soon.

– Is there Analytics only place that make an income for Are you satisfied with the level on income?

– It is the Socialbakers PRO products – Socialbakers Analytics and Socialbakers CMS. We are entrepreneurs, which means were can never be satisfied and hope we can perform better soon. We have hundreds of companies.

– Can we expect any US company investment in I found an information on Facebook that you are moving to USA.

– You can expect us to move soon, and you can expect more news on this area. I can nor confirm or deny the investment.

– What did you do before Candytech and Socialbakers in your professional life?

– I had a mobile content and mobile games company. Good times, I did it for 8 years, looking back, it was a great experience. I did not exit that company successfully, but it was a great ride.

– What social media means for you?

– Social media and social networking specifically means that the experience that people have online or on their mobile gets more personal, and that will mean a great improvement in relevance, user experience, and speed of the connection.

– And what Facebook is for you? When we can expect Facebook stops to grow and the number of users stops to increase?

– Personally, it’s a great tool I use every day to keep in touch, contact, socialize. Professionally, it’s our daily bread, our love, and what we breath every day.

– What would be next internet hype after social media: geolocalisation, augmented reality, maybe something other?

– Definitely mobile.

– How do you see The internet in next few years? What can we expect in your opinion?

– I see the entire internet evolving to be much more social, we can expect everything from reading news, shopping, and brand engagement happen in the social world. Once you try the social experience, you don’t want to go back.

– What can we expect from Socialbakers in close and further future?

– Well, I don’t want to be giving anything out away, I guess you will have to wait and see, and looking at our portal, we are progressing very much in the Socialbakers PRO offering, including Analytics ( and Facebook page management technologies (

– Thanks for the conversation.


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